Webinar on repositioning emergency contraception in India –  8th December 2023

Action Research and Training for Health (ARTH) in collaboration with Population Foundation of India (PFI) organized a webinar on “Repositioning Emergency Contraception in India” on 8th December 2023. The webinar aimed to review the current status of self-use options for emergency contraception, focusing on single-dose levonorgestrel (LNG), and explore possibilities for its repositioning in India concerning availability, effectiveness, safety, and acceptability.

Participants heard from experts from the fields of health research, law, clinical medicine, sales & marketing, and communication regarding the current landscape of emergency contraceptive pills in India, encompassing safety and legal considerations. A panel discussion delved into various elements influencing the adoption of emergency contraceptive pills in the country, including market dynamics, communication strategies, and the stigma associated with the term “emergency.”

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