Supporting NGOs for providing maternal-newborn related health services (2003-2010))

ARTH provides support to 2 NGOs of Rajasthan-SRKPS in Jhunjhunu ( ) and Shiv Shiksha Samiti in Tonk to provide 24*7 maternal and child health services centred on nurse midwives. Each health center is providing services to a total population of approximately 20,000.

ARTH provides following support:

  • Skill based training to nurse midwives and NGO managers (12 and 8 weeks).
  • Supplying checklists, clinical management formats etc
  • Supplying list of medicines & equipment, formats for registers, job aids (e.g. ANC card, labor form, child health card), MIS formats, tools for drug & financial management etc.
  • Refresher – review meetings with NMs & NGO managers
  • Guidance on managerial and programmatic issues, including detailed standard operating procedures for running and managing the health centres
  • Training materials including training manuals, pictorial booklets for VHW training
  • Site visits
  • Documentation of experience

Between April 2008 and March 2010, these centres have seen 14411 patients in OPD and 5573 patients in field clinics. Of these client visits, 62 % were women’s care. Additionally these health centres have managed 612 deliveries.

Documentation of experience