Copper-T 380A as an alternative to female sterilization (1999-2004)

One of ARTH’s successful innovations has been the introduction of Copper-T 380A (the “ten year Copper-T”) in the community. ARTH undertook social marketing of 10 year Copper-T as a reversible alternative to sterilization.

The Ten year Copper-T was offered since July 1998, by the gynaecologist and nurse midwives.

The intervention of 10 year Copper T questioned many of the straitjacketed assumptions on adoption of family planning. Some of the key lessons were :

  • Decision about whether to space or to limit is not necessarily dependent on family size. The decision could change with time, for reasons, not necessarily related to the size of the family.
  • The 10 year Copper T can be provided by a para-medical worker, reducing dependence on skilled doctors, equipment and more complex technology.
  • Introduction of LNG IUS as a ARTH has undertaken a pilot project to field test LNG IUS as a reproductive health service option among low income women of Southern Rajasthan. LNG IUS is a long acting reversible contraceptive that will help the low income women to space and/or limit births. It will also act as a non-surgical option for selected women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding. Although being very costly, the LNG IUS is being made available at a heavily subsidized rate to the women chosen in the pilot run.

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