School of Midwifery Practice & Training in Primary Health Care (2007 onwards)

ARTH has been working as a technical resource agency since 1997. It has periodically conducted training courses for government ANMs, doctors, and programme managers of NGOs. Since 2007, ARTH has consolidated its role of providing technical assistance and training by establishing the School of Midwifery Practice & Training in Primary Health Care. The broad objective of the school is to equip primary health service providers, managers and organizers from the non-profit and government sectors, to improve the delivery and utilization of primary health services in rural Rajasthan.


ARTH is in the process of expanding its training infrastructure and faculty. A training centre is being constructed 20 km from Udaipur city.

In order to facilitate training of various levels of personnel, ARTH has developed a variety of training materials, such as a facilitator guide for trainers of nurse midwives on maternal – new born care and several pictorial materials for village level health workers/ASHAs.

Training programmes have been held for various cadres of people working on reproductive and child health issues – senior NGO managers, doctors, programme supervisors, nurse midwives, village health workers and their trainers etc. Since its inception in 2007, the school has trained 217 SBA trainers from various parts of Rajasthan (these include nursing tutors from ANM and GNM training centers, staff nurses from teaching hospitals, labour room in-charge from district hospitals/ CHCs/ referral hospitals). In 2009-10 we conducted a training of nurses (on issues of contraception, RTI/STI, breast & pelvic examination, safe abortion, infection prevention, IMNCI) from 3 NGOs of Rajasthan that are running rural health centres. We conducted 2 training programmes on reproductive rights and safe abortion in which 59 field level supervisors from 31 NGOs participated. We also conducted an orientation-training course on primary health for the field supervisors of 2 NGOs, one of whom we are providing technical support to implement health interventions in its field area.