Neonatal and child health

India accounts for a quarter of global child mortality, with about 2 million under 5 deaths reported annually.Over 50% Under-Five mortality and 67% (AHS 12-13) Infant Mortality takes place in the neonatal period. Rajasthan stands at 37 (AHS 12-13) with NMR higher than the national average.

Evidence based interventions carried out at the level of health facility and community can reduce child mortality. ARTH is working in the field of child health through its collaboration with the state government and WHO on various research studies involving newborn survival, child nutrition, and development. The service part of child health includes postnatal home visits by mid wives and village volunteers for assessing newborn health in our field area, as well as health services offered through ARTH’s health centres.

A trial on newborn survival has been completed for strengthening of first referral units (FRUs) on newborn care and promoting referral of sick newborn from community to hospital through a 24*7 helpline service. Another research project included a community-based intervention on child health, nutrition, and development involving ASHAs and Anganwadi workers.

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