Integrating clinic and home care amid COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19 is not just about treating and preventing COVID-19, it is about living through it. Action Research and Training for Health (ARTH) started ‘Home Care’ intervention in 2018 with these goals:

  • to integrate clinic and home care services for women and infants after delivery
  • to introduce services for care of older persons and persons with mental health conditions

The project was consolidating it’s activities to achieve the goals, and then came the Covid-19 pandemic which disrupted implementation and almost eroded our efforts to achieve the goal.

In response, we redesigned our strategy – we attempted to reach out to people with low resources, who were especially vulnerable to the drastic effects of lock down and post lock down restrictions. For example, we increased availability of services in our field area as patients found it difficult to reach clinics. This film gives a brief overview on how we are tackling the disruption caused by COVID-19 by means of village based health camps, tele-health and continuing health services with all necessary precautions.

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