Facility Services

Home Care – (2018 – 2021)

Integrating clinical and home care for mother, infants

Introducing services for Mental Health and care of the Elderly


An initiative to provide continuum of care extending from home to hospitals for rural – tribal …


Reproductive & child health centres (1997 onwards)

ARTH has been providing RCH services in its field area through four health centres at Mallatalai (urban), Iswal, Lakmawato ka Guda (rural) and Paneriyo ki Bhagal (rural). At Urban health clinic and Paneriyo ki Bhagal  …


Copper-T 380A as an alternative to female sterilization (1999-2004)

One of ARTH’s successful innovations has been the introduction of Copper-T 380A (the “ten year Copper-T”) in the community. ARTH undertook social marketing of 10 year Copper-T as a reversible alternative to sterilization.

The Ten …


First trimester abortion services (1999 onwards)

Many women who carried the burden of unwanted pregnancies, went to the informal service providers, often with disastrous consequences. There were no certified abortion facilities in the block when ARTH started its work. Given the …


“Gaon Pas” : Village pregnancy advisory services (2007-2010)

Since July 2007, ARTH has introduced village level pregnancy advisory services. This effort utilises the potential of non-medical persons (ASHAs) to increase awareness of and access to reproductive health services to enable women to better …


Continuum of Maternal-Neonatal-Infant Care (2007-2011 including extension period)

India witnesses the largest number of maternal deaths in any single country, and within India, Rajasthan has among the highest maternal death rates. The early postpartum period has been recognized to be a time of …


Self-help groups for improving RCH (2003 onwards)

Since 2003, ARTH began forming women self-help groups, with the aim of organising communities for improving their access to health care. ARTH has formed a total of 105 SHGs in the field area. Using SHGs’ …


Drought relief initiative in Kadiya area (2001-02)

To prevent malnutrition deaths among children in the year 2000 drought, ARTH provided formulations of a locally made nutrition supplement to the children, especially to malnourished children free of cost.…