Where We Work

ARTH’s work on Research & Evaluation, Community Action, Training and  Programme Support spreads across the whole State of Rajasthan. For Services and Innovation, the field programme is implemented in Southern Rajasthan with a population of about 64000.

Basic statistics of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, with a geographical area of 342,239 square kilometers is India’s largest state, constituting 10.43 percent of the total area of the country. Rajasthan is characterized by water scarcity, poverty, illiteracy, and a conservative, patriarchal social structure. It is among one of the least developed states of the country. Over recent decades, successive Rajasthan governments have shown a commitment to address the state’s many development concerns, especially those of children, adolescents and women. ARTH over the years has been an active research supporter in many of the programmes related to women, children. Despite high fertility and mortality, the largely tribal population in Rajasthan has limited access to rational health care.


Service innovation programme covers 50 villages in southern Rajasthan

The field service and surveillance programme operates in two geographic clusters (total population about 64,000) spread over three blocks of southern Rajasthan. The blocks are Kumbhalgarh in Rajsamand district, Gogunda and Badgaon in Udaipur district. Despite high fertility and mortality, the largely tribal population of this area has limited access to rational (i.e. appropriate) health care. ARTH’s field programme integrates clinic and extension services with culturally appropriate health communication activities. In addition to the tangible benefit of service to the population, the field programme allows ARTH to test innovative ideas in a manner that is sensitive to prevailing social, economic and gender constraints.

The field programme features provision of reproductive and child health services through a clinic; periodic outreach services in all villages; community based education and distribution of health products through volunteers; health education of women, men and adolescents; mobilization of panchayati raj self government institutions on health issues; and surveillance of a few service coverage indicators.

Cluster Panchayat Samiti Villages Total Population % SC/ST
Iswal Badgaon 22 25,429 42
Lakhmawato ka Guda Kumbalgarh 20 26,272 50
Gogunda 8 12,617 (included in above 50)
Total 50 64,318 47

The reproductive and child health (RCH) clinics operate in one central village in each cluster – village Lakhmawato ka Guda of Kumbalgarh block in Rajsamand district and village Iswal of Badgaon block of Udaipur district. The RCH centres provide the following services :

  • Biweekly women’s health services through a gynecologist.
  • Weekly child health services through a pediatrician.
  • 24 hour delivery services through nurse-midwives.
  • Day and night delivery services through nurse-midwives.
  • Weekly/biweekly gynecologist visit at health clinic situated at Pula, Udaipur.