There are 5 main focus points of ARTH

  • Research and Evaluation: Testing and evaluating new health policies and programmes running in Rajasthan and advocating the scaling up of successful interventions.
  • Programme Support: Providing assistance/support to the National Health Mission (NHM)for better implementation of health programs meant for the disadvantaged.
  • Service: The provision of health services provides ARTH with a link to the ground realities in Rajasthan. Also, ARTH believes that it is morally unethical to conduct research without providing service
  • Training: Enabling frontline health provides to deliver sensitive and high quality health care that respects Human Resource.
  • Community Action: Mobilizing and empowering communities in rural areas to enable them to access available health services and even referral if required.

Our main objectives are:

  • To carry out operations research for improving health care for women, adolescents and children with emphasis on rural, tribal populations and unorganized labour.
  • To provide a community health service for meeting the reproductive health needs of adolescents, women and men, as well as health care for children.
  • To undertake training for field personnel and managers in the government, voluntary and private sectors in the field of community health.
  • To initiate or support efforts for improving the social, educational and economic status of women.